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This is our main vaporizer landing page, where you will find all the latest and best vaporizers we have on offer. Our vaporizers can be used for vaporizing different materials such as dry herbs, oils and waxes. Please use the filter option on the side to help search for the right vaporizer.

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There are 3 main types of herbal vaporizers: Portable, Pen and Desktop

Portable vaporizers are the most popular as they have powerful ovens and are portable enough to be able to carry around with you and usually fit nicely in your pocket. Our most popular portable vaporizers are the PAX 2, PAX 3, Solo 2 and XMAX Starry

Pen vaporizers are for those who prefer the pen style vaporizer. Not usually as powerful as the portable or desktop versions as they are usually smaller in size. Portable vaporizers are leading the way against pen style, so you will see less and less of these available.

Desktop are the most powerful of all three and usually require that they are plugged into a socket outlet. These would be more for stay at home vaping. Very powerful devices. We highly recommend the Arizer Extreme Q

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