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UK’s Best Herbal Vape Shop - Evertree

We offer only the latest and best brands of herbal vaporizers and cbd vapes available at the lowest possible prices.

We dispatch from mainland UK.
This means super fast delivery for our UK customers and no duty or VAT to ever be paid on delivery as well as a local warranty if anything was to ever happen your product.

We are official retailers and distributors of some of the biggest brands of vapes, including Pax, Arizer, Puffco, XMax, DaVinci, G-Pen, Storz & Bickel, so you are guaranteed you are getting an authentic product as well as the full manufacturers warranty on all devices.

For every product purchased on our website we are also planting a tree on the Island of Ireland.

New to vaping and need some help picking a device? Just contact our support team and we will be more than happy to help.

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