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Arizer Vaporizers: Setting a New Standard in Dry Herb Performance

Throughout their years in the vaporizer industry, the product designers at Arizer have consistently proven that the best performance in vaping – even desktop-class performance – doesn’t have to come with the highest price tag. Although the most expensive vaporizers on the market certainly have the performance and features to justify those prices, a device like the Arizer Extreme Q proves that you can offer a vaping experience just as feature rich – right down to the ability to fill balloons – at a fraction of what the other brands charge.

Always the Best Vaporizers for Flavour

Whether you choose a desktop vaporizer like the Extreme Q or a portable device like the Arizer Solo 2, the common element among all Arizer vaporizers is the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering the absolute best flavour in vaping. How are Arizer vaporizers able to deliver such pure flavours? It all comes down to the unique way in which you load an Arizer device with herbs: by pressing the herbs into a removable glass stem. The unique design ensures that nothing but glass ever touches your herbs, and it also makes Arizer vaporizers incredibly easy to clean. All that you need to do is tap the used herbs out of the stem after finishing your vaping session. When a stem needs a deeper cleaning, just soak it in alcohol for a while before rinsing it in the sink.

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