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Evertree, 100% Irish Grown, crafted together from life experiences mixed with a passion for travel & exploration, environmental issues and the freedom to Vape.


Where we began

Starting out in 2009, selling the top gadgets of that time, on a now non-existent eBay store, we quickly moved onto building our very first website iwetech.ie

This gave us the freedom to run our growing business the way we wanted to, as we no longer needed to listen to a cooperation giant like eBay telling us the way it should be.

Adding products to the new website became very satisfying work, as it allowed us to research products of great interest to us, and the testing phase was an added bonus.

Our warehouse became the perfect flying ground for testing our new quadcopter samples.


Vaporizers quickly took off and became our frontier.

We learnt everything about them, studied them, tested them, gave samples to our friends, receiving honest product reviews in return.

The next step was to put all this knowledge into good use. So the decision was made to build a new website dedicated to this growing product.


Two years in the making and Evertree was born.

Launched in early 2018, we finally had the perfect platform needed to showcase our hard work.


Going Greener

One of the main concerns we have with running an ecommerce store, is the amount of plastics used in protective packaging, getting the product delivered safely to customers.

On the one hand, you want the customer to have the best shopping experience, so you want the product arriving safely.

On the other, we see how some companies pack their products, and there can be huge unneeded extra packaging used, which can be a serious waste.


“The European country creating the most plastic waste per citizen is Ireland, with an average of 61kg thrown away each year.” Read more


Our current solution to reducing our packaging is the following:

  • From our experience with deliveries we know what is needed to protect the products from damage in transit, so we use only the required amount, no extra.
  • All our packaging used is recyclable in Ireland, so please, just pop it in the green bin after use.
  • We reuse bubble wrap, cardboard and other packaging materials received from our suppliers, as well as other businesses in our building. This packaging material is in perfect condition to be reused.

We are constantly on the lookout for new packaging ideas to further help reduce our carbon footprint. New ideas are always welcome.


Looking Ahead

Some of our near future goals.

  • Forest conservation – Ireland has the lowest forest cover of all European countries. Land cover here is only 11%

“Over the centuries, Ireland experienced a near-total destruction of its forests, mainly because of human activity and climate change; from an initial forest cover of around 80% to less than 1%. We are the only country in Europe where such complete destruction took place.” Read more

  • We are also looking to get more Irish suppliers on board. Some amazing products are created and grown here on Irish lands.

This will also help with further reducing our carbon footprint.


Hopefully this page gives you an idea of who we are as a business, and where we want to go.

Anything else you would like to know, please contact us anytime. Were available by email, live chat and well be rolling out a WhatsApp option very soon.



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