Benefits of Using Weed Vaporizer

December 10, 2020

Benefits of Using Weed Vaporizer

What is a Weed Vaporizer?

A weed vaporizer is an electronic device that delivers a clear high by heating up your herbs and concentrates without burning them. As opposed to using a butane torch, marijuana vaporizers do not use combustion to activate the essential ingredients. Rather, weed vaporizers utilize an internal heating element to start a conduction or convection current which passes heat through or around the weed, thereby releasing the THC and CBDs.

These devices run off of either A/C or battery power, depending on the style of vaporizer the user chooses. Typically, vaporizers are calibrated to heat between 350-400° F and most of the best vaporizers allow the user to regulate the temperature to meet their personal preference.

In addition to being healthier for your lungs, throat, and mouth, vaporizers help conserve your weed. They are ultimately more economical all around. Health, stealth, and efficiency are the objectives behind the current vaporizing trend.


Benefits of Using Weed Vaporizer

Eliminate Harmful Toxins

Smoking is mainly the same thing overall, meaning using different materials will still have adverse effects. When the same dry herb is vaporized, however, carbon monoxide levels are drastically reduced if not totally eliminated. This served as a good indicator that many other toxins that are released as a result of dry herb combustion were absent as well.


Better on Your Lungs and Throat

Due to the lower maximum heat involved when vaping, the vapor produced is a lot cooler than the smoke produced by conventional combustion. This makes every vaping session you have a lot easier on your throat as you’re not habitually inhaling hot smoke through your throat. This provides a more pleasurable and comfortable vaping experience.

Another potential health hazard that’s avoided by vaping your dry herb is the multiple toxins that are released upon combustion. Just like smoking cigarettes, combustion of the dry herb does result in potential tar making its way into your own lungs. Vaping your dry herb totally negates this effect making it safer and healthier by a large margin. To avoid this with vapes, make sure you get a convection vaporizer unit.


Easier to Dose Your Herbs

Thanks to the ability of electronic vaping devices to accurately heat your dry herb within a specific temperature range. This makes it easier for those who use dry herbs more for their medicinal effects. The high temperatures involved in combustion or burning dry herb usually mean that the active ingredient is instantly released in one burst, creating a more intense hit than what some are looking for. However, the high temperature can also destroy some of the active ingredients.


The relatively lower heat of vaping gives you more control over how much of the components inside your herbs are released. This helps allow you to experience benefits such as pain relief and relaxation, without too much. Some claim they switched over from smoking to vaping because they can handle it better.


Doesn’t Smell as Much

Another great benefit of switching over to vaping your dry herb instead of smoking it is that vaping produces much less odor compared to smoking. This can be very helpful for those who share their living spaces with other people. The characteristic smell of smoking will permeate throughout your home.

The reduced odor produced by vaping is also helpful to prevent the familiar smell from sticking to your clothes, your other belongings, and most of all, in your house. This can be valuable when you’re the type who routinely has guests over (or housemates who have guests over) as it’s much easier to keep your recreational hobby as discreet as possible.


Different Types of Vaporizer

Conduction vaporizer

Conduction vaporizers were the first type to reach the market. They are often less expensive and more user-friendly than other alternatives. They’re also more efficient. That’s because conduction is a process in which heat is transmitted directly from one substance to the next; in this case, from coil to medical marijuana oil.


Water-cooled vaporizer

Also known as the “liquid filtration vaporizer,” this type of vape is one of the newest on the market. It combines the smoothness of vaping with the additional filtration of a water bong.


Portable oil vaporizer

These vaporizers are called “vape pens” because of their size and shape. Portable oil vaporizers are often inexpensive, even though many of them contain high-quality, CO2-extracted cannabis oil. Just be aware that some vapes may use untested, unregulated fillers — so look for quality-controlled products. As always, lab verification is important.


Portable flower vaporizer

Similar to the option above, portable flower vapes contain a chamber for marijuana flower as opposed to a container for melted cannabis oil.


Tabletop vaporizer

Many vaporizers in this category are expensive, though they often have extra features like precise temperature control. Users who opt for a low-temperature setting may find that the delicate flavors of the marijuana plant are perfectly preserved. Pharmacological effects may be better preserved, too, as intact terpenes and cannabinoids work together to provide a powerful entourage effect.


The Bottom Line

There are many great reasons to use Weed Vaporizer instead of smoking. Not only does it give you a safer and more positive experience, but you’ll even get stronger and more flavorful hits. On top of that, it’s convenient enough to pick up and use whenever you want to get high and you’ll be impressed by how smooth and satisfying the whole experience is.


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