Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review

November 15, 2019

Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review
Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review and Guide

The holy grail in the world of vaporizers is to find a battery-powered dry herb vape that produces the same flavour and vapour quality as a desktop vaporizer. If you could find that device, you’d have the best of both worlds! You would have a device that gives you huge, potent rips without wasting your material between hits.

You’d have a device that extracts the best possible flavour from your herbs, allowing you to use less material while enjoying even stronger effects. Most importantly, you’d have those qualities in a device that can travel with you easily and doesn’t force you to stay tethered to a power outlet during your sessions.

The Ghost MV1 is a new vaporizer that clearly draws some of its inspiration from the post popular battery-powered convection vapes, and it improves on the designs of current vaporizers in some very interesting ways.

The Ghost MV1 is also different from other dry herb vaporizers in a few key areas, though, so it may not be the perfect vaporizer for everyone. Let’s get you acquainted with the MV1 before you buy.

Ghost Vape MV1

In this Ghost MV1 Vaporizer Review, we’ll explain some of the pros and cons of this vaporizer, and we’ll also take you through a brief guide explaining how to use it.


What Makes the Ghost MV1 a Unique Dry Herb Vaporizer?

One of the reasons why people love desktop vaporizers is because they use forced air to function on demand. A desktop vaporizer is large enough to keep the oven separate from the heating element, so the vaporizer doesn’t sit there toasting your herbs even when you aren’t inhaling. Extraction doesn’t take place until you turn on the fan.

Companies have tried to duplicate that feature in battery-powered convection vaporizers, but no one has achieved a perfect result yet. A typical portable convection vaporizer will toast your herbs even when you aren’t inhaling, so you can’t turn the device on until you’re ready to sit down and have a full session.

The Ghost MV1 is a rarity among battery-powered dry herb vaporizers because it’s truly designed for on-demand vaping. You’ll use the device’s activation button to heat the oven before each hit, so the oven remains cool until you’re ready to inhale.

Man Dinner Vaping

Charging the Ghost MV1

The first things you’ll notice about the Ghost MV1 are that charging the device and loading the oven are fairly different procedures with the MV1 than they are with most other vaporizers. The Ghost MV1 uses a proprietary battery pack that’s effectively two 18650 battery cells wired together. While the battery pack is connected to the MV1, you can charge it via the device’s USB port. Charging the device via USB, however, takes about eight hours if the battery is fully depleted. That’s one of the longest charging times of any vaporizer. Ghost also offers an external battery charger that shortens the charging time to about two hours.

Ghost MV1 Battery

Loading the Oven

Before you can begin using the Ghost MV1, you’ll need to load the oven – and here again, the MV1 is rather different from the dry herb vapes you’ve used in the past. With the MV1, you don’t put your herbs into the oven directly. Rather, you put them into a ceramic crucible with a metal lid. After placing the crucible in the oven, you’re ready to vape.

Dispenser and Crucible System

Ghost offers a dispenser that holds five pre-loaded crucibles and keeps them ready to use. Due to the time and effort needed to load the MV1, the crucible dispenser is a highly recommended accessory.

If you’ve used conduction vaporizers in the past, getting used to the Ghost MV1’s crucible system may require a bit of time. Most conduction vapes work best if you pack their ovens tightly. The MV1, however, works best with a fairly loose pack. When loading the crucible, press down lightly on the herbs with your finger before placing the lid on top. The lid doesn’t snap on, so be careful not to drop the crucible. You’ll then open the MV1 and place the crucible in the holder before closing the device. The Ghost MV1 also includes a steel wool pad that allows the crucible to hold wax concentrates.

Ghost MV1 Crucible

Using the Ghost MV1

The Ghost MV1 arrives from the factory completely off. It’ll also turn off automatically when you disconnect and replace the battery. To turn the device on and put it into Sleep mode, press and hold the Mode button at the bottom of the device. The indicator light flashes green. Release the Mode button. Next, you’ll turn the device on and put it into Vape mode. To do that, press the Mode button three times. The green LED turns on and remains lit. If you don’t press anything for several minutes, the Ghost MV1 returns to Sleep mode. You can change modes or change the device’s temperature using the Mode button or by downloading the free Ghost mobile app.

To vape, pull the MV1’s glass mouthpiece up slightly. Press and hold the Vape button at the top of the device. After a few seconds, the MV1 vibrates to indicate that the oven is ready. Inhale deeply through the mouthpiece and release the Vape button. The oven cools down until you hold the Vape button again. You’ll hold the Vape button each time you inhale from the Ghost MV1.


Flavour and Vapour Quality

One of the problems with traditional dry herb vaporizers is that they aren’t always the best for flavour because they pre-toast your herbs before you’ve even had your first puff.

The Ghost MV1 doesn’t have that problem because it heats on demand. Your herbs remain at room temperature until you’re ready to inhale. Likewise, since the oven cools down when you release the Vape button, the Ghost MV1 doesn’t continue cooking your herbs between puffs. The Ghost MV1 delivers thick, cool vapour clouds with an excellent purity of flavour.

Woman Vaping Ghost MV1

You’ll get around 6-8 deep hits out of each crucible, and since the oven cools down after each puff, you can use a single crucible throughout the day if you like. The MV1 is perfect for microdosing, and it wastes absolutely nothing. It may not seem like the crucible holds a lot of material, but you’ll get more out of that material than you do with virtually any other vaporizer.

Ghost MV1 Review: Final Thought

The Ghost MV1 is unique among portable dry herb vaporizers in that it is truly designed for on-demand vaping rather than session vaping. Invariably, owners of the MV1 have commented that it performs the most complete extraction of herbs  and delivers the biggest, most powerful rips that they’ve ever seen from a battery-powered vaporizer.

Some of the Positives
  • On Demand’ Heating system
  • Extracts the best possible vapour from your herbs
  • Removeable Battery
  • Available in 3 colours
  • On Sale at Evertree!
And some of the Negatives
  • Can be a little complicated to use at first
  • Cleaning takes time and effort
  • Learning to pack the crucible properly isn’t easy

If you’ve never owned a dry herb vaporizer before, the Ghost MV1 may not be the ideal device for you. It’s great, however, as a second or third vape. If you already have a basic understanding of how vaporizers work and are looking for a portable model that delivers the maximum possible benefit from your herbs, the Ghost MV1 is a vaporizer that absolutely belongs on your short list.

The Ghost MV1 is currently available on Evertree at a reduced price of €225, and comes in 3 colours: Matte Black, Rose Gold and Matt Silver.

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